The 2nd International Conference on Language and Cultural Communication(ICLCC 2024)
Call For Papers

Topics include but are not limited to the following areas: 

The ICLCC 2024 is accepting papers for proceeding publication. We accept contributions from those who care about exploring and enhancing the research and innovation in Language and Cultural Communication in the world. We welcome submissions from scholars, students, and practitioners across many disciplines that contribute to the study and practice of Language and Cultural Communication. 

LanguageCultural Communication
LinguisticsCommunication Science
Chinese/Foreign Languages and LiteraturePropagation Behavior
Applied LinguisticsJournalism and Communication
Evolution of LanguageJournalism
Foreign Language EducationPublic Relations
Language Acquisition

Brand Marketing

Research on classroom Teaching Method

Digital Communication Technologyand Application

Language and CultureNetwork and New Media
Comparison of the languageAdvertising Photography
Translation&WritingMedia management and management
Business EnglishCross cultural communication
Psychological LanguageCultural studies
Dialect GeographyCultural Inheritance
Computing LanguageCultural Innovation and Change
Algebraic LanguageDrama and Film-and-Television Literature